Where art thou Romeo - Hand painted rock - Black Wolf

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Product Description

If you know the sad story of Romeo, the wolf who loved too much, this hand painted river rock is a replica of him. For those of you who do not know the story, Romeo was a 7 year old wolf that had to survive on his own after his family was shot and killed. Only he and his Sister survived but she was later killed when she was hit by a motor vehicle on the highway. He was lonely and he looked for companionship in domestic dogs of the towns folk in Juneau, Alaska. He fell in love with a gorgeous Golden Lab which lead to his name, Romeo. He frequently played with the dogs and he also befriended people. He would disappear for a month or two and then reappear and stay, play and visit. The people came to love him........ and then one day Romeo came no more. They found out that a local guide and his friend who was visiting from out of state poached and killed Romeo and a bear. They took them into the local taxidermist to have them skinned and their heads mounted. Authorities were alerted. The towns people were sick with disgust. They have placed a plaque at the visitor center in his honor.

The rocks is just over 2" tall and 2" wide. It is a smooth river rock that I painted with acrylic paints and clear coated.

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Where art thou Romeo - Hand painted rock - Black Wolf