Mini Incense Sticks

$2.50 USD



Product Description

These mini 4 inch incense sticks are cute! They come in a bundle of 20. These are the same incense sticks that I ship with my Bug Box and Storage tins so you can replenish your stock when you run out.

NOTE: Burner is a prop and used for decorative purposes only. You will only receive the incense sticks.

Several fragrances are available. Please make your selection using the drop down menu.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing the "Mixed" mini incense sticks you get 1 incense stick of each scent that is listed. It is not possible to mark all of the individual scents so please be aware of that. The mixed incense sticks come all together in one bag.

Caution! Do not use near pets or small children unless supervised. Once lit the sticks can cause burns. Also do not use if you are allergic to this type of product.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your interest in our incense and smudge supplies.